What she really wanted

Among the clouds were her dreams, 

She was but a kite, dancing by their whims

the more she dared to fly higher, 

the more she was pulled down to the bottom. 

You dare not fly higher, they shouted

tightening the knots in her every flinch, 

but little did they know, 

all she wanted was a gasp of breath…. 



A daughter is not a tension,

a daughter is worth ten sons…

It is one of the quote that recently caught my attention. Considering the present scenerio in which the majority in a society see daughters as a burden and not a blessing, and also with ever increasing rate of female foeticides,  I felt this quote was worth sharing!.. 

Spread the word and forge a better and unbiased tomorrow..

#HappyBlogging ☺

An Evening Stroll

On my evening stroll to the beach,
up in the sky, i saw
fishes with spread out wings
flying like birds,
down in the stream,
birds swimming like fish

Passing by the road, i saw
a dog walking like a man,
talking like a man.


Birds living in a home,
just like ours..
I peeked in,
wondering what it was,
Saw a bed with a
sleeping bat, just like us..

Up in the sky,
Sun gleaming blue,
Shocked and perplexed, i was
“Am i dreaming?”, i asked self

Took my steps towards the beach in fear,
wondering if the sea, still the same
Relieved, i was
when i saw the sea in its real self

“Why are things not normal?”, i asked
Lapping on my feet,
with a gentle murmur,
said the sea,” Human aint humane anymore,
Human aint normal,
So, why should we?”
So did the sea vanish,
leaving me all alone….