Monday musing

Ahh, there comes another monday, yeah you heard me right,just another same monday”. That was my first thought when I heard my phone singing early in the morning. Life has been so monotonous and sedentary for quite some time now. I was mostly confined to home these days!. I have been busy all these days, or was i just pretending and fooling myself to thinking that I was busy !!? (Huh! I guess I don’t know 🙄 (frowning) 😶).

And here I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling , so damn lazy to get up and walk in the same old familiar shoes yet again! And yeah who wouldn’t get bored living the same days again and again,right? Unless you are Michaelangelo working on an art or Einstein working on some scientific revelation, (which I guess, am not doing either) you are bound to end up being bored a day or later.

Following my routine, i opened my blog and started reading it. I came across an article stating people to make changes in life so as to make life more lively and enjoyable.And that was when a thought struck me hard. No one would enjoy living the same day over and over again. Changes, be it small or big (or even a slight one) is important for life.

Try something new everyday. Take a small trip and visit new places. Take up a language course. Refurbish an old hobbie or passion you had enjoyed in the past and left behind the to some reasons. Spend some time alone. Be with yourself. Solitude in the right amount can help you discover yourself. Expand your horizons. Meet new people, share ideas, interact and grow.
I was deeply moved by these ideas presented in that article. It was kind of an epiphany. These ideas are not newborn. Although I knew about all these, i never made a solid effort to incorporate them into my life. I know there are plenty of people around ,just like me, who wish for things but don’t act for it.

Yeah, i am one among that class of people (and obviously not proud of it though).
I have made a solid decision to change myself.

Right now,i have few things to take care of and keep things in order before I embark on my new journey to expand my horizon. Just like most people,i too had some old hobbies and passion that was left behind due to some unknown reasons. Its time to delve deeper into my soul and search for things to bring out the better( or probably the BEST 😂😎) version of me. !
Yeah, GOOD LUCK TO ME !!😂😂



Staring out of the window, unlike his little sister, he was not enjoying the scenic beauty in their long drive. He was lost, quite lost in some world of his own. The constant chattering of his family felt nothing but a little buzz in his ears. Yes, he was completely lost in his thoughts.

Staring out, neither the horn bill, nor the luscious greenery caught his attention. All he could see was himself sitting lonely somewhere in dark and thinking about something. Well, a thought within a thought that sounds exciting, right? But the plain fact was that nothing seemed to excite him. Nah, he wasn’t in some depression. All he was trying to do was to figure out what and who he was. Just like every single one of us, he was trying to find his real self.

He was in his early twenties and was a smart guy. He was not that talkative and kept a little bit to himself, but he wasn’t an introvert. He had his own ways. He thought about his dad who toiled day and night to make their life comfortable. His mom was caring, protective and above all very lovely. His sister was his little angel. The burden of their expectations were heavy on him but he couldn’t deliver the way he wanted to. That did really hurt him.

Was something wrong with him? He never knew. Even when he was in his early twenties and life was moving faster in front of him, he couldn’t find his true passion for anything in particular. He had read numerous stories of successful people who did find their true passion at their young age. He always wondered why he couldn’t find his own?!!

He had spent nights on his bed staring blankly on his ceiling thinking what was his purpose of life, what was that he wanted out of it. What he was and why was he sent to this earth and what his destiny was!! All these thoughts kept nagging him every now and then. Unlike many of us, he didn’t try to run away from them, but faced it boldly hoping someday soon he will certainly unearth it on his own. Today was one such day when thoughts were hitting him hardly. It was then he remembered Dylan Thomas poem he had learned at his school,” Don’t go gently into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Yes, he was not ready to give up. He was ready to fight and unearth his true potential.

Turning with a smile he blended in the happy conversation with his family in ease while assuring himself that he was not ready  to give up on himself.

It was then I realized that he was my own reflection….



A daughter is not a tension,

a daughter is worth ten sons…

It is one of the quote that recently caught my attention. Considering the present scenerio in which the majority in a society see daughters as a burden and not a blessing, and also with ever increasing rate of female foeticides,  I felt this quote was worth sharing!.. 

Spread the word and forge a better and unbiased tomorrow..

#HappyBlogging ☺

The Road Less Travelled….

Walking on my road
I reached a crossroad
There were two roads,
different but broad


One was tiled,
the other was stripped
Perplexed i was,
For to choose i was

Two sides sprouted in a sudden,
silently i bore its burden
One on my left,
The other on my right..

Take the tiled, said the left
Take the stripped, said the right
Choose the easy, said the left
Why try easy?, asked the right

Believe me, its hard, said the left
Believe in self, said the right
You’l fail, said the left
Give a try, said the right

Take the tiled,
Its smooth, said the left
Take the stripped to
test your limits, said the right

Follow the crowd, said the left
Forge a path, said the right
See its foggy, said the left
Trust your vision, said the right

I stood pale
And thought for a while
i chose right
over the left
and made my stride forward….

Finding the right balance

“Thinking clearly and acting wisely, maketh a man”. I guess everyone would agree with what i have said. Human beings are seen as the only organism that think, act and adapt to their situations.

Just like me, many of you might have come across few instances in which we find it hard to choose over the choices infront of us. I have been in that dilemma quite a few times. We do come across many crossroads in our life, dont we? And its a common saying that, “most often, the easy path may not be the right path”. And that the easy path often gives you success intially, but in the long run, it takes you in the wrong direction. Knowing all these, yet the initial instinct of our mind would be to choose the easy path when we are provided with an option. Why is it so? We see ourselves as supreme organisms who act judiciously while keeping a tab on our past mistakes. If so, whats tempting us from deep inside to choose the wrong path?

A famous mathematician once said,” The most likely solution to a problem will be the easiest solution”.
Its quite intriguing, right? As i have mentioned in my previous blogs,the concept, A coin has two sides, holds here too. The push and pull factors in us are the two aspects that determine our progress. Its the pulling factors lurking deep inside us that tempts us to choose the most easy path in life. These factors may be laziness, fear of failure, ego, or whatever that is holding us back.
Of all the above, its the fear of failure and laziness that plays the prime role. “Oh, what would happen if i fail?”, this is one of the most common questions that pops up in our head right before the moment we start some tedious task. Most often we fall prey to this question and resort our actions thus ending up in choosing the wrong choice. But there are a few who turns down such thoughts and take the right course.
So, how can we control such thoughts? How can we curb our tendency to choose the easy (wrong) path? You might be wondering seeing me carefully use the word “control” instead of “eliminate” here. You might be asking, ” Shouldnt such pull factors be eliminated?”. Well, i will come to that point in due time. Bear with me.

Imagine you are caught up in a jungle and its pitch dark. You hear the growl of a tiger. What would be your reaction? Will u go ahead and fight the tiger with no weapons when all the odds are against you? Well, thats the valiance shown by a coward. Or will you find a safe place to hide in first, gather things needed for your survival and fight (if necessary) with weapons when all the odds are in favour? Thats what wise men do.
So, which action would you resort to?
In this case, its the fear of failure and the urge to survive that is favouring us. Fear of failure can be a boon at times.


What i personally feel is that all the pull factors within us should not be eliminated, but controlled. We should find the right balance in life. Push and pull factors within us should be carefully maintained between certain thresholds. It should neither be too high nor be too low. Push factors can be kindness, hardworking mentality etc. These factors can also be termed as Positive attributes. Even too much of the positive attributes should be controlled. Too much kindness can be a curse in the present world. The world has grown so wicked that people with extreme kindness can be easily preyed upon. Also, some of the push factors has the tendency to develop arrogance within us. The more successfull we become, there is a chance that we may begin to over estimate our abilities. That can be dangerous. It may yield negative results.

Thus by maintaining the right balance in life, we will be well aware of our potentials and strength and we will have very little confusion in choosing between the paths laying wide open infront of us thus helping us to think clear and act wise.