200 reasons to celebrate

It has been only 7 months since i have been to this amazing world of blogging. Thanks to my bestie Sanjay for encouraging me to blog every now and then. It was his faith in me that motivated me to start a blog:).

Few minutes back i received a notification stating that i have reached 200+ followers in wordpress!! I was on cloud nine. My joys seemed to be out of limits. 

I thank each and everyone of my fellow bloggers who has supported me so far. Without your unbiased supports and encouragement nothing would have been possible. 

Am also a great admirer of every blogger. Every blog in here is versatile and every one of them teaches you something new. There is always an air of improvement. 

As i was very much busy with my academics lately, i wasnt able to blog frequently. I am so sorry for that. I seek your apology. 

Once again deep from my heart i thank each and everyone of you who has been a guide, a companion and a support in my journey so far…and i hope i dont disappoint you guys in the coming days….

#HappyBlogging :)☺



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