Liebster Award

Thank you for nominating me for Liebster Award. It is indeed my second nomination for an award in the blogging world, the first being the Blogger Recognition Award nomination. I am just 6 months old in this blogging world. To be frank, blogging was never in my mind, as i had little knowledge about it. It was until recently, when one of buddies introduced me to wordpress, i got to taste its awesomeness. It was through his blogs i got to know about wordpress well. I fell in love with it the moment i started reading articles written by bloggers all across the world. I started an account right away and named it “DIMENSIONS”, as i was trying to define new dimensions to my life. The blog gave me an opportunity to share my views and get to know others. All the fellow bloggers here are very much supportive and kind. All are talented and i love reading each blogs.
Am so glad that i was able to discover a platform where i could pen down anything, shout my minds out and also heed to others opinions.

Now with the questions asked to me:

1. Who was my inspiration behind my blog?

It was one of my close buddies, Sanjay who introduced me to WordPress. He has a beautiful blog “INTROVERSION” in here which is so vivid. Check it out, you will not be disappionted. He is my inspiration, now and then.

2. Your favourite colour and why?

Black. But i really dont know why. I was always attracted to it long back.😅:mrgreen:

3. Aim in life?

To be a better person everyday.

4. Your Ideal location?

Home, of course. Nothing can match its soothing effect combined with mom’s love, tasty food… yummy. Love you mom.😘😍😙

5. Favourite blogger?

Thats an unfair question.(just kidding😄) I love each and every blogger here. Each blogger is unique and they teach you something new everyday. I love reading the works of each one of them.

6. What is something you cant stay without?

Internet, books (Obviously! 😁;))

7. Which season you like the most?

Monsoon. I just love the tiny drizzles from infinity.(pardon me, Sanjay for adopting your wording !!) 😍😙

8. If you had to make a wish, what would it be?

To die with memories, and not any dreams left unfulfilled.

9. Fire or water?

Fire. Be like it. Dont let the negatives outside you, consume you and contaminate your real self.

10. Any advice you like to share?

Am just an amateur in the blogging world. But i will share what i have learned so far is : Read a lot. Books can be a source of great comfort and companion during the hard times.

Hope i can keep up my work and also not to disappoint you guys with my upcoming works. All of you guys, stay motivated, pen down your feelings, spread it over the globe, make changes even if its a small change and forge a better tomorrow.

Happy Blogging !! ☺:)

14 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. This is indeed a very interesting post to read.. But what struck me the most is “To die with memories, and not any dreams left unfulfilled”..

    Whoa! What a way to put! Brilliant! And hearty wishes for it to come true.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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