The Road Less Travelled….

Walking on my road
I reached a crossroad
There were two roads,
different but broad


One was tiled,
the other was stripped
Perplexed i was,
For to choose i was

Two sides sprouted in a sudden,
silently i bore its burden
One on my left,
The other on my right..

Take the tiled, said the left
Take the stripped, said the right
Choose the easy, said the left
Why try easy?, asked the right

Believe me, its hard, said the left
Believe in self, said the right
You’l fail, said the left
Give a try, said the right

Take the tiled,
Its smooth, said the left
Take the stripped to
test your limits, said the right

Follow the crowd, said the left
Forge a path, said the right
See its foggy, said the left
Trust your vision, said the right

I stood pale
And thought for a while
i chose right
over the left
and made my stride forward….

41 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled….

  1. Wow! Amazing epigram on one’s helpless situation to choose what! Yes, the path that is easy to ride gives no joy even on reaching the cliff. But, on choosing the side that has never been ventured, gives strong life lessons , thus making us rigid even on dead end, rendering stupendous pleasure with the little move.

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  2. Beautifully expressed thought. This applies to every challenging decision in life, where we are in a dilemma and have conflicted, opposing thoughts. I loved how you concluded it with, ‘trust yourself and take risks!’ ๐Ÿ™‚

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