Searching within

Lost in the darkness,
I kept looking for you..
With my quivering fingers,
I kept searching you..
Fear, devoured me,
With my every stride

Eyes, wide open
to catch your glimpse,
Even my breath
scared me now..


“Here I am”, i heard thy whisper
Thee, hiding in the dark, i thought,
searched every room
but found you not..

My heartbeat defeaning me,
“Am lost”, I thought.
I felt your breath
on my neck,
but i turned around
to find you gone!!

“Where are you?”, i yelled
But silence was your reply
I was to give up,
But, ‘A final try’, i thought.

Closed my eyes to
search the depths of my mind,
there i found you,
hidden in the deepest chamber..

All i wanted was you,
to ward off the negatives,
devouring me from outside….

P.S: Search within yourself to find the courage. There lies a strength hidden deep inside you that is waiting to be unearthed by your real self. Let that strength be your beacon. Ignite it and fight the negative elements that are trying to take you down.

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