Book Review : When Breath Becomes Air

“Thinking about death clarifies life”, said Candy Chang in one his TED speeches.
I was quite intrigued by this idea. Hows this even possible?? How can we get a clarity in life by thinking about death?? Am quite sure that many of you guys, just like me, are trying to find a clarity in life. But this idea is rather boggling, right?
It kept bugging me for quite some time and that was when i chanced to stumble upon the book “When Breath Becomes Air”,written by Paul Kalanithi who was one of the famous Neurosurgeons in US. The book is not a medical crap as many of you would probably think the moment you hear that its the work of a doctor.
Its the real life story of Paul.


“Scanning through the X ray and other scan results, i felt a void, i felt a difference, its not that i havent seen many such reports in my profession, yet it was different, because it was mine”. The book starts in one of the most unlikely way you would ever expect.

Its the story of a neurosurgeon who is diagonised with lung cancer in a phase of life while he was peaking success one after the other. Fate plays an even cruel role as an Advanced Stage Cancer and doctors offering him little time ahead.

The book portrays the feeling of a man deprived of the luxury of time. It also depicts the mental strength and courage he showed to fight his ill fate.

The book is skilfully crafted and i bet you would fall in love with its literature the moment you start reading the book.

“Looking out over the expanse ahead I saw not an empty wasteland but something simpler: a blank page on which I would go on.”

There are many more such heart breaking lines in the book. I fell in love with the way he has portrayed his pains and feelings throughout.

The book makes you think about mortality. It makes you think how lazy you are to meet certain goals or even to live happily even when provided with the luxury of time!!

The book never bores you and will grip you firmly till its end. The book may be a little disappointing to the ones who seek for a happy ending, but infact, it shows you a bigger picture, ie, the harsh reality of life.

Its tragic, yet gripping and never fails you. It doesnt fog you with fantasies but let you taste the bitterness of life. The book is an exceptional read. Its one of those exemplary reads that stays with you even after the turn of the very last page.

5 thoughts on “Book Review : When Breath Becomes Air

  1. You are absolutely right. We all our too busy to think about the reality of life. i.e. death. We all forget that we are mortal. I’ll surely read this book πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Yeah thats right. But the main character in this i.e Mr. Kalanithi didn’t escape from death. He fought valiantly and finally succumbed to death. Yet his views on mortality is quite engrossing and worth reading

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