An Evening Stroll

On my evening stroll to the beach,
up in the sky, i saw
fishes with spread out wings
flying like birds,
down in the stream,
birds swimming like fish

Passing by the road, i saw
a dog walking like a man,
talking like a man.


Birds living in a home,
just like ours..
I peeked in,
wondering what it was,
Saw a bed with a
sleeping bat, just like us..

Up in the sky,
Sun gleaming blue,
Shocked and perplexed, i was
“Am i dreaming?”, i asked self

Took my steps towards the beach in fear,
wondering if the sea, still the same
Relieved, i was
when i saw the sea in its real self

“Why are things not normal?”, i asked
Lapping on my feet,
with a gentle murmur,
said the sea,” Human aint humane anymore,
Human aint normal,
So, why should we?”
So did the sea vanish,
leaving me all alone….


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