Its all about the right perspective

Life is a mix of ups and downs. Its much similar to a roller coaster. Problems are the parts and parcel of life. Mostly people see these hurdles as factors holding them back in life. But few on the other hand, view them as means to get better in life.

Its not how things appear , what really matters is how we look at them’.


Its our perspective that really counts. Speaking about perspective, you guys would probably remember the following words from ‘Fault in our Stars’, “Am on a roller coaster that only goes up”.

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses”. These words were said by Abraham lincoln.

What do all these convey? Sometimes you need to look at life from different perspective.

We all are familiar with the story of the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison , who almost gave up his quest to invent the electric bulb after trying with almost 73 elements. Yet, he decided to give a final try with Tungsten and rest is recorded in the annals of history. Had he not given a final try, we would have been in the dark right now. Most people would have quit much before, but Edison took it as a challenge. And that was what that made a difference in the end.

Its your mind that plays the pivotal role in shaping your future. Train your mind to see positives in things you look at. ‘With the right perspective its possible to turn the impossible into possible’.

Have you ever wondered why only a small proportion of people have amassed great achievements in life?? Have you ever been boggled by such a thought?? Well, Shiv Khera explains it in simple words, ” winners dont do different things, they do things differently”. And howcome they do things differently? Confused again?? I guess you guys got it right. Yeah, its right…its the way how they see things or look at them.

Life has many phases. There may be phases in which you suffer great losses, bear unimaginable pain etc, but dont stay too long weeping on your losses, instead think that life is testing you to your limits. Break your barrier, and yell back ,” come on , am not done yet, try me but you can never break me”. Each day is a new lesson. Always look with a different perspective and find out a ray of hope even if its soo fine. Fuel it and let it serve as a beacon to your success.

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