“Why do u take me for granted !?”, he asked me some time back. My initial reaction to it was anger, irritation etc.

Rewinding back, i havnt had any such deep rooted friendships in my past, yet, i felt we were close and called him my bestie. As days and months rolled by, i started taking him for granted. I knew it but wasnt quite ready to accept it. ‘He had started to become largely dependent on me, and that was the prime reason that made me stay away from him’. Maybe it was just the reason that i totally made up in my mind to convince my action. I still have no idea about it.

Coming back to the present, I was like the centre of the universe with lots of friends around me. I thought they were loyal to me the way i am to them. But later it turned out that i was wrong !! I was like that guy who was there for everyone but not important to anyone.

I never wanted to be the centre of the universe, all i wanted was genuine friendship with no fake smiles and fake hellos. But several actions by the so called ‘close friends’ whom i really thought were close to me made me realise the truth that i wasnt right about them. They wernt true to me. There are people who befriend you only for their benefit, people who approach you only in the time of their needs. I have met such types in my life too.

“Karma is a bitch, she will follow you ange get back to you at some point in life”. Yeah, i felt so.

I reckoned what he said back then,”why do u take me for granted”. He was true, loyal and good to me. He was with me in my every pain and happiness, yet i was late to see the truth. I regret my actions in the past.

But now, am happy that i am blessed with not just one but a handful of besties with whom i can share anything and everything in my mind. I have learned to live with the reality. And now a days i rarely expect anything from others, because ‘expectations do hurt’. So guyz, do ur karma and keep your expectations low, coz people tend to change at some point in life. Stay happy, stay good.

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