Dont let them hold you back

“Smiling through pain” that was my whatsapp status for quite some time. One of my bestie asked the reason why i was sad and what was troubling me. I said it was some problem that has been haunting me for quite some time.
He told me to stay bold and fight through the hurdles of life no matter how hard they try to hold you back.
Well, i think he is right. Problems are the part and parcel of life. And whats life without some hurdles, right? Face your problems..fight it and conquer them. They mould you into a better person. Adverse conditions in life test your temperament. World is big , so are the problems in life. If you are to stay gloomy thinking about them rather than fighting back hard, you will be caught in a deep state of mental stress.
I have problems of my own, personal as well social. And i am fighting it with all my strenght.
Dont stay too focused with your problems, else they wil hold you back in life. Fight them and never ever give up. Few people blame their destiny for whathever that happen in their life. I frankly dont believe in destiny. I believe that we shape our future and life through our actions. Think about the people who are plagued with lot more serious troubles than ours and how well they fight and overcome it. We should draw inspiration from them. If we stay idle blaming our destiny for showering troubles upon us, then you are probably waiting for your doom.
Train your mind. Gather all your courage and strenght to fight your troubles. What we fear is the fear of failure. Its just a matter of time. Once you start your fight nothing is gonna hold you back anymore. It pumps more confidence into your system that propels you to fight even more harder till you conquer your troubles.
So guyz, dont wait till its too late. Stand up and fight hard. Dont let your troubles hold you back, but let them help you to mould yourself into a better person everyday.

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