Walking down my memory lane

“The results are out…. The final list of allotment is out, wake up and check out”, I heard my mom’s voice as she was banging hard on my door in a desperate effort to wake me up from my deep sleep.

Moments later, I found myself switching on my PC and checking out my results. I was glad to see that I got an Engineering seat in one of the finest Govt. Engineering colleges in Kerala. I was on cloud nine!! Yes, I got allotted to Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Pampady, Kottayam.

Though I had little knowledge (to be frank, none) about Btech life in a Govt. College, I was overwhelmed by the fact that my dream to study by staying away from home has finally blossomed.

Like all students of my age, I also had a dilemma whether to go for Btech or MBBS few years back. I was perplexed and was trying hard to figure it out. That was when my dad told me,” Son, whatever you choose now, is gonna decide and define your life. Always trust your instincts, they will lead you in a better way”. I felt soothed and relaxed. I closed my eyes for a moment, took a deep breath to calm my mind and asked my heart what to choose and then I was clear about the road ahead.

All these memories flashed in front of my eyes in a matter of few seconds and well, I was still staring at my PC monitor. Am I dreaming? I asked myself!! Am I really?!! I was confused. But no, I wasn’t. I took a final look at the results to assure myself that I wasn’t in a dream.

I was very much excited about my college life, hostel life, new friends, new subjects and new experiences that were to unfold soon. And hell yeah, I was waiting for it.


It was in June 2012, that I walked into my campus for the very first time with my dad. My dad, he has been a source of great support to me all these years and he always believed in me, even when I failed to believe in myself!!


The campus was spread out in 90 acres of land and was lush, green, serene, alive and silent. It was in a village away from city and had an eternal beauty within itself. I fell in love with the campus at the very first sight. Tall green trees covered the campus as though they were preserving it in its cradle. They gave the warmth, shade and love just like its mother.

I walked through the main gate of the campus admiring the scenic beauty with my whole heart. It was a foggy Monday morning which made the whole scene much more beautiful and lovely.

It has been 4 years since then, and even now, every time I walk through the campus, I feel the same beauty. Many things have changed. There was a gradual decrease in the number of trees in the campus, but its beauty has never been effected very much.

My college life was nearing its end. Yes, it was just a few more months and then I knew it would be time to bid Adieu to this wonderful campus!!

Today, as I was walking down the road, I felt something I have never experienced before. There was silence. A light breeze brushed past my face. I felt cold, but it had a soothing effect. “Are they really silent? Or are they trying to tell me something??” I asked myself.

I closed my eyes and stood still for a moment. Cool breeze stroked my face again and I felt that they were experiencing the same pain that I was experiencing right then!!

The harsh reality that I was gonna miss all these struck the bottom of my heart. I felt sick! I felt lost! It was well said that “Moment ceases you in some instances of your life”. I felt exactly the same.

I knew there was no other way around and I must bid adieu to the campus that has given me a lot of cherishing memories and good friends. I stood still for a moment with my eyes closed and embraced the warmth of the campus for the last time. I turned back and walked away taking all those cherishing memories and good friends that the campus has gifted me. I also made a silent promise to return to the campus whenever I get time.

All these will be intact in my mind and I still can feel its warmth every time I walk down my memory lane and hell yeah, I was gonna miss it very dearly always.

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