Evaluate your activity

Its new year and let me start my new post by wishing all fabulous days ahead (though its a bit late !!). Many of you would have made new year resolutions and yes, i have also many few for myself. Being the beginning of a New year and New me agenda I guess, its the perfect time to share some quality time with u right now. Am here to share something with you which may help you to achieve your goals easily and in a perfectly organized manner.

Recently I happened to read about an experiment conducted by a French scientist named Fabre. It was quite interesting and worth sharing. It gave me an insight and I thought I must share the same with u folks.
Well, let see what Fabre did.
He conducted an experiment with processionary caterpillars. These caterpillars instinctively follow the one in front of them. He arranged two caterpillars in a circle on the rim of a flower pot, such that the lead caterpillar was behind the last one. He also placed pine needles (food for caterpillars) in the center of the pot. Eventually it was seen that after a week both the caterpillars died of exhaustion and starvation, even when the food was within their reach. The reason was that they weren’t focused onto it.
This gives us an insight. There exist a great difference between activity and accomplishment. Our activities should be goal oriented and should not stray from them. Goals should be well focused. Mere actions without periodic evaluation doesn’t take you anywhere close to your goals.
So folks, evaluate your actions, move towards your goals and remain well focused. The above mentioned experiment helped me to alter my attitude towards pursuing my goal, and I hope it will help you guys too….

well… have wonderful days ahead.

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