The day i came down to earth
is faint in my memory
I remember those rosy smiles,
around me…..
Daylight struck my tiny eyes,
creaky-squeaky voices pierced my ears….

Joy was filled everywhere,
enthusiasm in every face
excitement in their very pace.
i saw the beautiful world,
hearing its every word.

slowly i grew,
in the heavenly hue,
learning from nature,
its very nature..
confronted its sorrow,
turning down my morrows……

sun showered light,
led me in its bright.
years rolled ,
i grew old.

There came the day,
day of the day.
There came the time,
last of all time.

There came the day,
last of all days,
the day i was destined to..

I could feel the deadly silence,
waiting fr the time of perfect silence..
Silence met the day,
the doomsday…..

Waved the heavenly bliss,
with a last kiss.
Sun lost its bright,
i lost my light..
like a champ,
i went with a charm…
I was up,
going somewhere,
which i know or know not….

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